Reinterpret A1 Office’s brand positioning and create a fresh narrative that would set the 25-year old business apart from a rapidly changing landscape. Make people aware of A1 Office’s unique approach to spaces where people work – to disrupt and amplify what they do, and how well they do it.

We spend so much time at work. Work was where we constantly interacted with colleagues – people who we sometimes saw more than our actual family members. The world of work was changing (even pre-COVID,) and there was heavy demand for work environments geared to flexibility, collaboration, connectivity.

A1 Office Block03 v5 A1 Office Block03 v6

First, we clarified A1 Office’s offering and positioning by creating a new tagline: “Transforming Workspaces”. In two words, it’s clear this is what they do, and reflects the brand’s innovative approach to work places.

A1 Office remodels work environments with a team that includes interior designers and architects through to furniture makers and project managers. So the word ‘transform’ was significant. It conveyed the full breadth of what A1 Office can do to a space, and it also communicated the evolution of what an office space means to people.

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We worked closely with A1 Office and their digital partners to extend our brand identity across digital channels ensuring the integrity of their brand refresh was maintained.

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What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Guidelines