LOCAL AGENCY. Global history.

We're the thrillsTM. A creative agency that exists to make brands more effective. In the heart of Melbourne's bustling creative hub, Richmond, we're busy thinking, dreaming and creating together. And we love it.

But that's not our whole story. Not long ago, we belonged to Elmwood. The world's most effective brand design consultancy, with a 45 year history and studios in New York, Singapore, London and Leeds.

Our roots are something extraordinary. And as we turn the pages of our new independent chapter, we can always call on our friends from around the world for global trends and insights.

Now, we're focused on the future. With a brand that better defines us and a mission that endlessly inspires us. A future that's filled with ideas that are electric. Creative that's unexpected. And work that's more effective than anything we've ever done before.

the thrills

What do you call that feeling when an idea just works?

When creative goes from looks good to look out, world.
From sounds nice to sends shivers down your spine.
From that's wonderful to that's the one.

That feeling when you know you’re onto something.
Something that gives you goosebumps.
Something electric, unexpected and effective.

We call it the thrill. And we seek to feel it every day.

What we live by

we are

We're big on collaboration. We explore ideas together and give it our all, on projects big and small. We show up every day to get busy and do the best work of our lives. We're all in.

we are

Why fuels our curiosity. We question things, delve a little deeper. We mine for brilliance. Discover insights and uncover gems. We're strategic, we're thinkers. We're why people.

we are

We're all about ideas. Extraordinarily effective ideas. The kind that feel electric. We push boundaries and nurture greatness. Until it gives you goosebumps. We're fearlessly creative.

A little bit about us

Get to know a few of our team. And meet the rest on Instagram.

  • Kate Headshot

    Kate Richardson

    Managing Partner

    Kate Richardson

    Managing Partner

    Kate is the glue that holds the agency together. The vessel that keeps us all afloat. Whether you need someone to talk trashy TV with, engage in pyromaniac activity with or admire the colour coral with, she’s your woman.

    Born in Yorkshire, Kate formalised her interest in proper northern banter (her words) with a degree at Manchester Met University. Ok fine, she studied fashion. And spent the next few years trying on shoes in northern Italy. An experience that left her quite particular about how they ought to fit. A real-life Cinderella!

    Speaking of hard to please, there are a few things you should know before meeting Kate. Wine can’t be too sweet. Tea shouldn’t be too milky. And whatever you do, don’t be late. She gets hangry.

    On a full stomach, Kate’s undying sense of curiosity inspires everyone in her midst to thrive. To look deeper. Think smarter. Shine brighter. It’s all part of her secret mission to topple the patriarchy, you see.

  • Rick Headshot

    Rick McEvoy

    Managing Partner

    Rick McEvoy

    Managing Partner

    No one could have predicted Rick would end up managing a creative agency. At 4, he was a BMX champion. At 15, a ballroom dance instructor. At 22, a water-ski teacher in the US. Easily distracted, you might say. Luckily, his attention span grew when he stumbled into London’s world of branding. A few household names, million-pound budgets and global campaigns was all it took.

    After returning to the motherland, he made the move from creative to suit. But he wears shorts during the week and lycra on the weekend. Exclusively. When he turned <age removed for vanity reasons>, Rick went into a frenzy and began running. (Hence the lycra). He claims he runs to Bruce Springsteen, but everyone knows he’s a Taylor Swift man.

    Rick believes in the power of collaboration. The notion that good ideas can come from anywhere. And anyone. A discovery that’s forced him to recently admit that he can, in fact, be wrong. Sometimes. Maybe.

  • Paul Headshot

    Paul Greskie

    Creative Director

    Paul Greskie

    Creative Director

    Before you see Paul, you will hear him. Because his laugh has this unique ability to penetrate walls, windows, anything really. And fill your soul with happiness.

    When he’s not sending cackles around the studio, he’s busy leading our cohort of creatives together with Bianka. The two originally met at Swinburne University after he fled his country roots. They graduated together, did AWARD School together and remain inseparable to this day. No amount of studio seating plans can keep these two apart.

    Paul likes to juxtapose his colourful work in the studio by living a life of monochromatic minimalism. Even Kevin, his miniature schnauzer (and the centre of his universe), is black.

    Anyone who’s worked with Paul will attest to the abundance of optimistic energy he brings to the table. Regardless of the situation, he’ll create a positive environment that’s fertile ground for good ideas. Except if the situation is raisins. He hates raisins.

  • Bianka Headshot

    Bianka Voigt

    Creative Director

    Bianka Voigt

    Creative Director

    Born into a family of art directors, jewellery designers and architects, little Bee had little choice but to pursue a creative future. While most children were drawing houses and horses, Bee was designing client logos and product packaging in her parents’ design studio.

    Holidays were no picnic either. Bee spent hers picking fruit, making sauerkraut and feeding chickens with her Oma and Opa. And it was in these precious moments that she learnt never to do anything half-heartedly.

    Like chocolate, for example. Over the years, Bianka has carefully designed a program, including a strict running routine and lunches limited to peas and tuna. All in the name of maximising daily chocolate consumption.

    Luckily for us, she applies the same work ethic to every project she touches at the thrillsTM. And as a result, every project she touches turns to gold.

Stop, collaborate & listen

An ecosystem of experts. 
Our work is wonderfully diverse. Almost every project we work on requires a different set of skills and experience. And that’s exactly why we have partners in an impressive range of specialised areas. Experts we can contemplate, collaborate and create with. So that our clients always get goosebump-worthy results. However ambitious or alternative the brief is.

  • Research
  • Structural
  • Product
  • Sustainability
  • Digital
  • Production
  • Media
  • Events
  • Promotion
  • PR

Using our powers for good

Projects that make a difference.
Not all of our work is for big brands. Every now and then, a pro bono project comes along that gets us excited. Bouncing-off-the-walls excited. Especially if it gives us the creative freedom to design something outstanding. A licence to experiment. Until the work, even at a single glance, says look out, world. And has a meaningful effect on the world, too.


Working on something that’s packed with purpose but lacks that electric feeling? We want to hear from you.

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