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For over 100 years, Bulla has been one of Australia’s most beloved ice cream brands. To compete in a market where premium brands were gaining popularity, Bulla wanted to launch their own premium ice cream range. And for that, they needed a credible new identity.

You can’t beat ice cream from an ice creamery. On creaminess, flavour and that local feeling. But very few brands actually make their ice cream in a traditional ice creamery today. And that’s what sets Bulla’s story apart.

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Our Murray St Ice Creamery branding was fully influenced by Bulla’s rich history surrounding their ice creamery and factory on Murray St in Colac. Defined by a range of trendy flavours and smaller formats, it became a crafted and premium extension of the core Bulla brand.

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The story of Murray St, later brought to life in beautiful TVCs, played a key role in establishing a sense of provenance for the brand. The logo itself uses subtle cues of a street sign to anchor the brand in its home in Colac.

To highlight the fact that Murray St is made with real Bulla cream, we clearly connected the design to the core Bulla Cream brand. Paired back with a refreshing amount of breathing space, the packaging captures the pure and simple nature of the ingredients within.

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To drive desire and appetite appeal, we went all out on photography. With delicious ingredients galore, we shot the award-winning ice cream in a way that let the premium flavour combinations and ice creamery quality shine.

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feels like THIS

the thrillsTM defined a brand that saw us successfully launch Bulla into the highly competitive premium ice cream space.

Andrew Noisette
Head of Marketing, Bulla


  • Brand architecture
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Brand guardianship
  • Packaging design